We introduced Gizual at Grazer Linuxtage 2024! A recording and all resources from the talk can be found here.

Modernize your Git experience with
  • visualizations
  • analytics
  • code statistics
  • contribution metrics

Discover the future of codebase analysis. High-performance Git visualizations, running locally - and right in your browser.
Try it now! For the best performance, we recommend using a Chromium-based browser.

Interactive visualizations in multiple styles

Dive into an (almost) infinitely zoomable canvas showcasing your repository's files. Each line is color-coded based on a metric of your choosing, offering a unique historical perspective.
  • Zoom Zoom in to see individual lines of code or out to get a general overview.
  • Pan Drag the canvas to pan around a large set of files.
  • Pinch Pinch with two fingers on touch-devices, just like you're used to.
Image of the canvas

Custom queries for tailored analytics

Our built-in query allows you to filter the data you want to see. Special modules allow you to create complex filters within a few clicks.
Image of the query editor

Ready to get started?

Gizual is free and open-source. Try it now! Let's go!